The World’s Most Fashionable Celebrity Kids

Photo by Hot Gossip Italia

Celebrities are the people in the world that inspire the masses. They show us what’s hot, what’s not and everything in between. We either look to them for what to do or, in some cases, what not to do. If you are an A List Celebrity, everything you’re doing is being watched. From what you eat, what you wear, what you drive and where you live. Can you imagine the pressure? When these public figures have children, the desire for photos and interviews increases drastically and these little cuties are often seen wearing some of the most adorable little outfits you can imagine. There are a few that shine above the rest in 2015.

Harper Beckham

When you’re the offspring of a beautifully talented fashion icon and attractive professional footballer, it’s pretty much expected that you are going to dress the part. The Beckham’s are practically royalty in the United Kingdom and known around the globe. Mommy and daddy definitely dress little Harper beautifully, keeping up with the latest trends and capturing the adoration of fans by the millions. This little one is probably going to shine in her mother’s footsteps with a love of little black dresses and high fashion.

Suri Cruise

When your parents are Katy Homes and Tom Cruise, you’re bound to get more than a little attention. This absolutely adorable tot has been growing up in the public eye and catching some serious attention for her fashion. She’s been seen flaunting children’s cowboy boots (in lovely pink), baby doll dresses and pint-sized handbags. This little girl has got some serious style!

North West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West both know how to capture the spotlight. Surrounding all of the controversy and non-stop press, this couple dresses little North West in some pretty snazzy outfits – including some from her mother’s very own clothing line. At such a young age, she is the inspiration for many parents around the world. She has been spotted at fashion events and traveling with her parents in the most luxurious of garments.

Blue Ivy Carter

Being the daughter of two music superstars has its perks. Blue Ivy has claimed the hearts of millions of fans with her adorable personality and fashion. She knows how to rock an afro and sport one of a kind outfits whether at the beach, up stage with Beyonce and Jay-Z or vacationing at luxurious locations across the world. Soon, Blue may be bringing in the money just like mom and dad with a clothing line of her very own!

Growing Up so Fast!

These little ones are growing up right before our eyes. Before we know it, they are going to be making their very own clothing decisions and embarking on their own journeys alongside their famous parents. Makes you wonder how much of their choices are going to be like their parents and how much focus they will have on the fashion world. No matter their decisions, we will be watching and their decisions will influence millions of us.

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