The Definition of Chic and Sexy Style

Are you trying to achieve a chic and sexy style? It appears to be the style that everyone’s aiming for, yet not everyone truly understands what it means. So what exactly is a chic style? Does it involve just throwing on a pair of heels and investing in sexy dresses? Below you’ll find the definition of chic and sexy clothing.

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What does it mean to be chic and sexy?

If you want the fun answer to what a ‘chic’ style actually is, the Urban Dictionary has the answer. In its definition, the word chic is used in the following sentence…

“In Breakfast in Tiffanies, Audrey Hepburn wore such a Chic dress”

So what does it mean? It’s typically used as a way to describe a more elegant style. When you’re wearing a chic outfit you’ll look glamorous, not overtly sexy. Therefore when you see a style claiming to be chic and sexy it can be a little confusing. What you need to remember is it is possible to achieve both sex appeal and sophistication with the same outfit.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that chic isn’t necessarily the latest trends. It relates to anything that looks really good on you.

How to pull it off

The Women’s Insider provides quite a few useful tips for pulling off a sexy, yet classy style. There are several tips you need to follow if you want to pull off this look. They include:

  • Make sure it fits
  • Limit the amount of layers
  • Reveal just one part of the body
  • Get in touch with your feminine side
  • Express yourself

These are the five best ways to successfully achieve a chic and sexy style. Making sure the clothes fit perfectly is essential. Baggy clothes definitely don’t ooze sex appeal. However, if you go the other way and have clothing that’s too tight, you’ll end up looking desperate and trashy. The right fit helps you to look a little more demure and you’ll feel more confident too.

Layers can be a godsend, but they can also be a potential fashion disaster. The trouble with too many layers is the fact they can really hide your curves. A chic and sexy look relies heavily upon flaunting your curves so stick to just one layer if you can.

One of the biggest fashion mistakes women make when they’re aiming for a sexy style is to reveal too much skin. If you plan on flaunting your top half, make sure your bottom half is covered up and vice versa. You only need to focus on one body part at a time. Show off your best assets and keep the rest covered up in style.

Being able to get in touch with your feminine side is also important. Don’t be afraid to opt for prints and cute dresses. Above all else however, you need to make sure you express your own personal style. Chic clothing is all about self-expression so don’t hide behind the latest trends.

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