Luxury Footwear – A Must Have in Every Woman’s Wardrobe

Hardbottoms, boots and casual footwear like Wallabees and desert boots are really good when you have a hectic day ahead. However, if you really want to show off your sense of style and become the new fashionista in town then you should slip on in your pair of luxury footwear. Besides their distinct design, what separates luxury shoes from others is their high end quality and use of durable material. To top it all, the luxury brands introduce numerous designs into the market every year to nourish the desire of all the fashion loving women out there. You could also get hold of awesome sales that some sites like offer to its varied client base so that every woman has a luxury shoe in her wardrobe collection that she has been dreaming for.

The Top 3 Luxury Shoe Brands

1. Stuart Weitzman

Known for its million dollar and unique shoes, this brand has a vast international presence and an equally wide customer base. It is not only a sculpture but a spectacle in itself. Some of the most unexpected and exotic materials are used in the making of this shoe. Being made of stainless steel, pillars of chrome, carved cork and bamboo- these shoes are a big hit. You can pick up a wide variety of these shoes from

2. Jimmy Choo

Its assured sense of style and an enhanced glamor makes this brand one of the top selling luxury shoe brands. Women shoes remain at the core of this company this brand has made its way into the wardrobes of musicians, celebrities, heads of the state and even royalty.

3. Salvatore Ferragamo

Be it summer, winter or autumn this brand will offer you its latest collection in every season. If you are looking for a combination of style and innovation then this brand should be your best bet. Pick up some amazing and latest designs of this brand from at affordable rates.

Choosing the Right Shoe for the Right Occasion

Although you have the freedom to wear whatever you want to when it comes to your footwear but there are some occasions that aren’t just the right pick for every event.

Wear high heels for events like weddings or engagements and try to match the color of the shoe with the color of your dress. But if you don’t want to follow this traditional route then try matching your shoe with your accessories.

For office going ladies, prefer to combine bold colors with some chunky heels. This will add the required excitement to your attire yet keeping it elegant.

If you are going to attend a casual event, then flat shoes and sneakers are a wise option. If you are planning to wear a flat shoe then pick up more colorful and stripped designs.

You shouldn’t wear a very high-heeled stiletto shoe with a slim designer heel. Although this combination looks good but you should only go for it if you are pretty confident to carry it off well. Wide and thick heels are more comfortable and the lower the height of the heel the less painful it will be if you have to walk long distances.

To stop a woman from buying her next pair of shoes for her an important event is a bad idea since luxury shoes have become an important part of the accessories of women. is your one stop destination for finding these luxury footwear brands.


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