How To Meet Single Women Online

by Annie Burnett, community manager


Do you want to meet single women online but don’t quite know how to get started? Well, you have come to the right place! There are women looking for single men all over the internet. You just need a few tips on how to get a fun, flirty night started.
Sometimes a very cheesy pick up line followed by “lol” can make a woman laugh. There are ways to charm a woman online that don’t translate o the real world, so if you’re not quite bold enough to approach a single woman in the romance section of the bookstore, then online dating may be just the ticket.
It is so easy to get started meeting single women online. You don’t have to spend another night wondering “what if”. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

The Four Basic Internet Skills You Need for Online Dating
First, you want to have a decent profile photo or avatar. People don’t realize how important this is! If a woman comes across a profile without a photo, she is probably going to assume on of the following: this dude is ugly or you are fat and gross, or he can’t afford a camera. Either way, you’ll be out of her mind in a few seconds and out of the game.
A decent photo is not a backwards bathroom shot of you with your cat (sorry Captain Paws). A decent photo is also not a group shot with you and your buddies making dumb faces. A decent photo is of you smiling in good light. It doesn’t have to be the best quality, but it does help if you’re outside and at some type of event — shows her you’re not the type who just sits around in the house taking pictures of himself all day.
Another really important thing to remember about trying to meet women online is that you can’t stalk them. Now, this may seem very obvious, but online stalking includes some actions you’ve probably taken before —reading all her posts from the day she joined the site, clicking on the profile of anyone who commented on anything she did, looking at all her photos and daydreaming yourself into them…this type f behavior will lead you down the road to being really creepy, so fight the urge to obsess over a woman online. Try your best to just keep it chill.
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The best advice for trying to meet single women online is to just be yourself and go with the flow. If you’re upfront about wanting a casual dating relationship from the beginning, there is a great chance you’ll be hooking up very soon. There are women looking for single men who just want a fun time.
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