How to Choose the Perfect Type of Wedding Photography

If your wedding day is coming up, you are probably extremely busy with the seemingly endless list of things to get done before this special event. Flowers, food, and cakes need to be picked out and ordered, bride’s maids’ dresses must be chosen and fitted, a venue must be selected, and much, much more. The wedding planning process can be hectic, but surely very fun and exciting.

Perfect Type of Wedding PhotographyAnother important task included on this long list of things to do is choosing the right type of wedding photography styles for your wedding. Your exclusive wedding photos will capture all of the special moments and memories from your wedding, so you will want to be sure they will look exactly how you want them to.

When it comes to wedding photography, there are 4 main, distinct styles you can choose from: 

1.      Traditional— Traditional wedding photography is for those who are picturing a very formal wedding. If you look back at old family photos from your grandparents’ and parents’ weddings, they will most likely be styled after traditional wedding photography. The bride, groom, and wedding party will be put into poses to perfect the pictures, and the photographer will need to intervene at times during the wedding in order to capture the intended shots.

 2.      Contemporary— this type of wedding photography is much more laid back and relaxed than traditional styled photography. While the wedding party will not be put into poses by the photographer as much, the photographer will still suggest certain settings and backgrounds for the photos to be taken in front of. If your wedding venue has a picture perfect lake on it for example, the photographer may want the wedding party to pose in front of it in order to catch the ideal shot.

 3.      Documentary or Candid— Differing from both traditional and contemporary wedding photography, photographers who take documentary style weddings photos will intervene minimally and the majority of your pictures will be action shots, captured as the wedding is happening. The idea is to take pictures that look as if the photographer is not even there in the first place so that candid, un-posed pictures will be the final result. This type of photography creates pictures that look natural, and the true happiness of the entire wedding really shines through due to the fact that all smiles and happy tears are genuine.

 4.      Artistic— if you decide to go with artistic wedding photography, you’ll want to be sure to review your photographer’s previous wedding photos and see if you like their style. The way this type of photography will turn out relies heavily on the photographer’s own style and preference. They will work with you to create images with special effects like sepia, vignette, black and white, and much more.

While these make up the major categories of wedding photography, there are still plenty more different styles you can pick. Before choosing one that you think you like best, research the varying styles to be sure you’re selecting the one that best fits you and your wedding. After picking out the perfect photography style, choosing an excellent photographer is just as important. Remember, this person will be responsible for capturing one of the most special days of your life, so check out their portfolio and previous wedding photos before hiring. 

Resource box:  Michael Tsao is a professional wedding photographer currently working in Orange County California. He is also responsible for artistically composing the shots and processing the images.

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