6 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

1) Ask her friends and family

Many women will have talked to her friends and family about what type of rings she likes, especially if she’s anticipating a proposal. A woman will definitely appreciate you making the effort to hear the opinions of her friends and family and using your resources to choose something she’ll love. Try to be selective in who you ask however. If you know her friends and family well, choose a select few who you know can keep a secret. Keep in mind that the more people who know you’re planning a proposal, the greater chance there is of the news getting out

Engagement Ring2) Pinterest

These days, Pinterest has become a great source to secretly see what you’re soon-to-be fiance considers the perfect wedding ring. If she has a wedding board already created and you haven’t seen it yet, be prepared! Chances are she’s already pinned ideas about her ring, dress, photo ops, center pieces… you name it! Don’t let this overwhelm you. Many women love to plan and daydream about this special day. Take the opportunity to surprise her and show her you care by having researched the things she loves- we guarantee she’ll be impressed!


3) Listen to her hints
If you haven’t outright talked about the subject of a ring, listen carefully and see if she drops any hints. If you walk by a jewelry store are there any particular types of rings she looks at or points out? If so, make note of this and compare it to what her friends and family say she would like in her engagement ring.

4) Borrow one of her rings

Secretly borrow one of her rings to take it to a jeweler and get her size. While rings can be resized, it can definitely be a hassle and costly to have this done, so it’s better to just do your best the first time around and get the right size. If possible, try to borrow the ring and find out its size within the same day. If you spend too long borrowing the ring she may notice it’s missing and either suspect you’re planning an engagement or worry she lost one of rings. Either way, keep it quick!

5) Learn about the stones

You’ll definitely want to do your research before going into your first jewelry store to purchase an engagement ring. Many people don’t realize the incredible amount of options there are when it comes to quality, cut, clarity, stones, and much more. Familiarize yourself with the ways in which each of these features are measured so that you’ll know what you’re getting for the price. Some jewelers may be willing to work with you on price, so just like with buying a car, it’s important you know your stuff so you don’t get taken advantage of.

6) Decide on a jeweler

Finding a reputable jeweler may be the most important step to the process of selecting an engagement ring. Chances are if you know what your future fiancé is looking for in a ring, any good jeweler will be able to help you find one that matches her likes and avoids her dislikes. What’s incredibly important however is that whichever ring you choose is of good quality and will last a lifetime.  Selecting a low quality ring could end up costing much more in the long run than if you purchase one solid fantastic ring in the first place. 

Written by Chris Fondell of Alaska Jewelry, a goldsmith gallery store located in Sitka, Alaska, devoted to selling Alaska’s finest jewelry.