5 Tips for Pulling Off the Biker Chick Look While Still Appearing Feminine and Girly

The biker chick look is a fun, fresh fashion statement. However, to get the biker look you don’t need to make your outfit completely masculine and tough. Instead, choose biker inspired accessories or accent pieces for a look that is biker chick while still balanced. Here are 5 helpful tips for pulling off the biker chick look while still being able to appear feminine and girly at the same time.

  1. Biker Chick LookBuy a leather jacket. The leather jacket is a staple of the biker chick look. If you can spend the money, buy a high quality leather jacket. There are also other leather-like materials that look real but cost a fraction of the price to purchase. No matter the material, be sure to find a leather jacket that is black, cropped, and form fitting. These features will ensure the jacket doesn’t look bulky or manly. In addition, the crop will help to accentuate your feminine waistline. In addition, try to find a jacket with a side zip for more authenticity.
  2. Leather pants are very in this season and allow you to add a new, unique element of biker chick to our outfit. Find a pair of jeans that are form fitting and flattering but that are still comfortable. You can find leather leggings too for a similar effect. Just be sure to avoid wearing leather pants of any kind with another leather element. Too much leather, such as leather jeans and a leather jacket, can be too much and will look overdone.
  3. Choose the right shoes. While biker boots are always a staple, you can also choose shoes to complete the biker look for alight out. Consider wearing stiletto heels with your leather accents for a girly but tough look that is sure to impress! Pair stilettos with skinny jeans, a cropped leather jacket, and a clutch and you are all set for a night on the town!
  4. Choose the right accessories. Allow jewelry to add a statement to your outfit. Use heavier pieces that are metallic in tone. Also, look for jewelry pieces with leather accents that will tie into your entire ensemble for a cohesive, put together look.
  5. Finally, makeup touches will ensure you don’t look to masculine! Jazz up your look with a smoky eye. Use a dark eyeliner and apply wings to your eyes, choose heavy dark shadows and a black mascara. Also, consider a bright lip such as a red lipstick to really make your look pop and stand out.

If you want to achieve the biker chick look without looking too much like a guy, be sure to add feminine touches that will balance out the outfit and look awesome. Find a well fitted leather jacket, only wear one leather piece at a time, find leather pants, wear biker boot or stilettos depending on your ensemble needs, choose metallic accessories from a store like InkedShop.com, and use heavy eye makeup for a look that will look tough yet girly at the same time.


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