5 Fashion Tips on Wearing High Low Dresses

High low dresses are versatile pieces that you can wear for just about any occasion. The asymmetrical hemline allows you to show off just enough skin but still remain classy. These types of dresses are also available in different materials that allow you to change your style just by adding a few accessories. Here are a few tips that will give you an idea on how to get the most out of your high low dresses.


Wear Accessories to Enhance Your Dress

High low dresses are easy to dress-up or dress-down. For plain-colored dresses, you can wear big and bold jewelry or a statement necklace that contrasts with the color of your dress. If you are going to a semi-formal occasion, stick with basic gold or silver jewelry for a touch of sophistication. Another idea is to drape a scarf around your neck or wear your favorite pair of sunglasses to finish your look. Remember that your accessories can make or break your look. Choose items that go well with the style of your outfit and the event you are attending, there is such a thing as overkill!


Match Your Shoes with the Occasion

Since high low dresses are versatile, you can wear the same dress for your daytime and nighttime look. For daywear, wear a pair of wedges, sandals, or simple ballet flats. For a night out in town, dress up your wardrobe and look chic by wearing strappy sandals or a nice pair of ankle boots. High low dresses have a transitional style that allows you to wear it for both casual and formal looks.


Flaunt Your Body Shape

The high low dress has a relaxed look that fits most body types. When choosing a high low dress, make sure that it fits the shape of your body and that you are comfortable with the fit. Make sure to check if the front hem provides enough coverage for your thighs. During the summer, you can wear this type of dress to show off your tanned legs. Choose a dress with a halter top to enhance broad shoulders.


Define the Waist

High low dresses have a nice flow when made in a light material such as chiffon. If the type of dress you have does not have a defined waist, you may want to wear a simple belt to cinch the waist area and create a bit of shape. Doing this draws attention to your waist and also makes the outfit more interesting.


Stay True to Your Personal Style

No matter what type of high low dress you choose, the most important thing to remember is to stay true to your personal style. With thousands of styles, prints and patterns to choose from, you will definitely find something that fits with your personality. Wear a high low dress that you feel comfortable in and add style to the dress with accessories that will make you feel confident and beautiful.


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