What Watch Buyers Should Consider

Invicta_Ocean_Ghost_watchBuying a watch should be taken seriously. It doesn’t matter if a watch will be given as a gift

or chosen as an investment because watch buyers should do everything that they can to make

sure that the right model is bought. Here is what a watch buyer must consider at all times:

How many former owners?

Just like when buying a vehicle, it should be determined how many owners a watch has

had. If a watch has been owned by a considerable number of people, it might have internal

damage. When a watch hasn’t been serviced for a while, the person who buys it could be

liable for a huge repair bill. Before arranging to see a watch or placing a bid for it on an

internet auction site, find out how many former owners it has had. Consequently, it can then

be decided to view a watch or agree to pay the asking price.

Are photographs provided?

When buying a watch online, only look at the listings that have photographs of key areas,

such as its bracelet. If a listing doesn’t have photographs, it is difficult to know what it looks

like. The person who currently owns a watch might not actually post photos of a watch

because it is damaged. If possible, take a look at the listings that have several photographs

and not a handful.

Does it have a Reserve Price?

When a watch is sold on EBay, a Reserve Price can be set. Therefore, a watch cannot be sold

for less than this figure. Some watch sellers don’t set a Reserve Price and, as a result, a watch

can be sold for a far lower price. By searching for listings such as these, a watch buyer could

purchase their preferred model for less than expected.

Are documents supplied?

A Certificate of Authenticity is provided by various luxury watch manufacturers, such as

Cartier and Rolex. If this document is not supplied, another must be chosen which does have

a Certificate of Authenticity. Even if a Rolex or Cartier watch looks very realistic, the exact

opposite could be true. By having a Certificate of Authenticity, a genuine watch will be

bought and not a fake model.

Does a watch come with an official box?

When a watch will be given as a gift, an official box must be provided. If an official box

isn’t supplied, its new owner will accrue added expense. Although an official Rolex, Cartier

or Omega box doesn’t necessarily cost a lot of money, it will still have to be bought when

given as a gift. When buying a watch from an internet auction site, it should be specified in

a listing that an official box will be provided. Photographs of a watch inside a box can also

be included with a listing. By finding out if an official box is provided or not, the right watch

will be bought. When watch buyers choose EBay, it can be specified in search listings that an

official box is provided, therefore helping them to save time.

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