Watch her eyes light up with the color of a million diamonds!


Diamonds and love go together like apple and pie, cinnamon and coffee, chocolate and Valentine’s Day! In short there’s no better way of telling the woman of your dreams that she’s the one and only for you, than with a diamond. For years it has been custom, of sorts for a man to put away some money every month, just so that when the day came to ask his paramour to be his wife, he’d have enough to buy her the diamond she’d always wanted, but never quite admitted to have wanted! And for years, it was believed that the more colourless a diamond, the better it was to express one’s feelings.

It is true, that transparent diamonds are few and far in between. But the recent trend in diamond engagement rings is towards a stone with a particular hue or color. From the fashion capitals of the world, to the engagement finger of your favourite celebrities, the trend is go big, go colorful, or go home!

Before understanding why colored diamonds are all the rage, we need to understand how a diamond gets a particular color in the first place. We all know that a diamond is formed by the crystallization of 6 Carbon atoms. Now if at any point in time during the crystallization process, any trace material get introduced in the diamond, it takes on the color of that particular trace material. When it comes down to it, these trace materials are considered ‘pollutants’ of sorts. Based on the nature of the defect/pollutant, the crystalline mass takes on the colour. Natural colored diamonds are called fancy diamonds and are quite expensive.

Aileen Knowles, an estate jewelry consultant and connoisseur of all things bling says: “Diamonds are eternal and precious. They’ve always been the stone of choice in celebrity engagement rings. The crystal clear diamond is a symbol of transparency and purity of one’s love. That being said, today’s engagement rings are not just a symbol of commitment, their also a style statement, a display of one’s accrued status and clout as it were, and if you can get your hands on it, nothing makes a statement like a magnificent stone in a brilliant color!”

Here’s a little trivia that will help you decide the color of the diamond you want to present your loved one:

  • Red colored diamonds are said to be symbolic of power and confidence. Rule of thumb, if you’re significant other is a confident, successful and mature woman, this should be your stone of choice!
  • Green diamonds, look quite like emeralds, but symbolise wealth and nature. That doesn’t mean that your woman needs to be the Batman vamp ‘Poison Ivy’ to deserve one. It also symbolises, rebirth and rejuvenation, ideal for anniversaries
  • Pink diamonds are reflective of warmth and creativity. When asking your woman to be your one and only with this colored stone, do something creative, like maybe a helicopter ride or a hot air balloon excursion!
  • Champagne or golden diamonds stand for eternity and style. Perfect for the woman who loves all the finer things in life!
  • Purple or violet diamonds are precursors of luck, royalty and good fortune. Perfect if you want to tell the woman of your dreams that she is your good luck charm!

Celebrities and Colored Diamonds:

Trends are often spawned when we imitate those we idolise on the silver screen. There’s something so glamorous about the movies and movie stars that we find so hard to resist! The trend of engagement rings in colored diamonds can be traced back all the way to Tinseltown.

Supermodel Heidi Klum, only ever said yes to her partner of ‘forever’, Seal, when he bought her a champagne gold colored, 1O carat stunner. Time to pop open the bubbly yet? JLo and Ben Affleck, were the quintessential Hollywood star couple, and Ben was crazy about Jen. Crazy enough to place a stunning pink diamond on her fingers, alas that never worked out! Even before Heidi and JLo, there was the Taylor-Burton gem ,which at 69.20 carats was Hollywood’s heaviest statement of love. Experts say that this diamond had a bluish streak to it! We’re pretty sure it made every who ever saw it, green with envy!

So whatever the cut and color of the diamond you have in mind for your beloved, you are in excellent company. After all diamonds are the symbols of divinity, and Hollywood’s sirens the equivalent of living idols!

About the author:

Guy Medel is a Hollywood gossip columnist and trend spotter with several leading magazines and websites. He loves following the stars and astronomy, of the celluloid kind!

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