Top Tricks and Quick Fixes for Your Makeup Malfunctions!

While makeup is definitely a fun item to shop for, no one likes to spend extra money when they don’t have to, especially to replace broken items. What many women don’t realize however is that there are many solutions that may delay you having to replace broken or old makeup products. Instead of throwing out a broken eye shadow or dried bottle of nail polish, try these home remedies to save you a trip and keep your wallet full. Top Tricks and Quick Fixes for Your Makeup Malfunctions!

Dried Nail Polish

One of the biggest annoyances to any woman in a rush to get out the door is to throw on your favorite pair of strappy heels only to find you’re in desperate need of a pedicure. With no time to hit the salon, you’ll have to make do with a home treatment. You go to find a color you own that best matches your look for the day/night only to find a dried up color in a crusty bottle. What’s a girl to do? Grab your nail polish remover and try adding a few drops to the dried nail polish bottle. Close it up and give it a good shake. Good brands of nail polish will have little metal balls in the bottle to help better shake the bottle. Keep adding a couple drops at a time until you’re able to hear the metal balls clank against the bottle.

Broken Eye shadow or Powder/Bronzer
Other than dropping your phone on a concrete floor, there’s no other accessory that causes quite the dismay of having your eye shadow slip from your hands and hit the hard bathroom floor. The following actions typically include a slow turnover of the eye shadow with a simultaneous prayer that everything is still intact. Much to your chagrin, you find it has indeed shattered. No worries! Your shadow may be able to recover from an easy procedure. Gather the pieces back into its container and add a small amount of alcohol to bring the pieces together and re-harden them together. Find a small hard object, like a coin (but preferable something cleaner like a water bottle cap) to press the pieces together. Let it sit to dry and voila! It may not look as good as new in the container, but it should work just the same. Once you’ve paired it with your favorite mascara no one will know the difference. This same procedure can be used to fix a shattered compact powder or bronzer as well.

Make Lipstick Last Longer
A great way to not only make your lipstick last longer, but also get use out of it if it’s melted or nearing the end of the tube is to use a lip brush. Sweep the brush across the lipstick and apply it from the brush to your lips. This uses less of the lipstick and allows for a more refined and detailed application. The precision from using a brush is particularly handy when you’re applying a dark lipstick color.

Rejuvenation complete! We hope you’ll give these strategies a try when you find yourself in any of these situations!

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