Tips to Your Fastest Laundry Day Ever

Getting faster and more productive at home can reap myriad benefits. Not only can you host super-exciting dining dates and network like an uber-professional businesswoman but you can also keep the rest of your family happy, save money and give yourself more time by employing a few simple tips.

Getting good at home is a useful goal to focus on and not inherently difficult granted you take some of the following tips on board.

Understand Washing Machine Functions

Actually spending the time to read through (or at least browse) your manual so that you understand the different washing machine symbols and functions your model offers can really help you save a lot of time and stress in the long-run. Perhaps you’ve been doing your loads on the automatic settings that suck up power, water and, most of all time, when you could have been doing far more time-efficient, power-efficient washes on settings had you known about them. Getting familiar with your settings and functions, through an initial reading or research session, can save you a whole bunch of time in regards to future laundry chores.

Stove and Cooker Settings

The same advice applies to your cooking appliances, like stoves and cookers. It’s worth spending a little time familiarising yourself with the different options and settings each individual appliance offers, your cooking skills will improve as well as the amount of time it takes you to prepare recipes. Learning how to boil faster might just be a case of reviewing the manual or looking online for tips.

Keeping Things Simple

Another great way to be far more productive and faster when it comes to household chores? Keeping your appliances and anything else that aides you simple in the first place. That means buying vacuum cleaners, blenders or dishwashing machines that don’t bamboozle you with hundreds of settings and lengthy, jargon-laden language and instructions but instead appear obvious and intuitive to use. Don’t think that the more expensive items on the market are the best either. Look for reviews and recommendations online that refer to a product’s simplicity and usability. These are the factors that can help speed up your productivity and save you time during household chores best.


Although not going to help you be several times productive per se, recycling your appliances or buying used can really help you be more efficient in terms of ecology and cost. Donating your old appliances to people who don’t have even the most basic home-appliance set-up can really help them get on their feet fast and will also save on natural materials being used in the production of new items. Reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible, which you can do by recycling, is a proud way of elevating your level of efficiency when it comes to the completion of household chores and otherwise being a responsible human.

Being faster and more productive at home enables you to dedicate your time to bigger and better things. Taking the aforementioned tips into consideration helps put you on that road.

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