This Season’s Figure Skating Fashion Trends

Now that it has been revealed that Ralph Lauren has designed the opening and closing ceremony outfits for the 2014 American Winter Olympics team, you can expect to see more fashion forward uniforms all season long. This will be particularly true in the world of figure skating and ice dancing. While stylish costumes have always had their place in figure skating and ice dancing competitions, Olympic year is shaping up to be more fashion forward than ever before.

Fashion TrendsIn this blog post, we will share what fashion trends you should expect to see at the 2014 Winter Olympics and what elements make up a stunning figure skating or ice dancing costume.

It’s All About the Sparkle

Some aspects of figure skating fashion never change. Glitter, rhinestones, and beautiful jewels adorn nearly all the greatest ice-skating costumes in history. It’s a guaranteed way to shine in the spotlight.

Bring in the Color

If you’re going to stand out on the ice, you’re going to need a colorful costume to pop. Reds and purples are the way to go this season. For inspiration, check out Canada’s duo Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier or Russia’s Alena Leonova.

Flowing Fabric

Ice dancing and figure skating costumes must allow for lots of movement. While outfits should generally be tight fitting without compromising movement, hanging fabric can create drama, enhancing the motion of the skater as she glides on across the ice. A flowing costume can add an air of elegance to your movement, further playing on your music’s theme.

Take It Over the Top

 You can expect to see a lot of asymmetrical designs for both the men and women at the Winter Olympics.  Textures like ruching and ruffles will also be widely used. The goal is to wow the crowd with something they’ve never seen before.

Let The Music Be Your Guide

 When it comes time to select their outfits, Olympic figure skating costume designers will use the skater’s music to guide them to the perfect look. Fans are waiting in breathless anticipation to see what superstars like Canadian Patrick Chan and Japanese Mao Asada select to wear for their upcoming performances.


According to blogger Nick Verreos, gloves are the must have accessory of the season. They were seen on many of the figure skaters during the 2013 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating,  and more are expected to been seen at the upcoming Finals. Gloves were generally matching the color of the contestant’s costume.


 Ice skating fashion has been evolving since the 1920s, reflecting the style of the times. Fashion designer Vera Wang, also a former figure skater, has designed costumes for several Olympic skaters. Each year, the costumes become more unique, more opulent, and more elaborate. Costumes today convey the theme of the skater’s music, an element that can either add or detract from the routine. Ice dancers and figure skaters must take risks to stand out from the crowd, both in their moves and their fashion.

Written by Jerry Smith at Pink Princess, who has been in the children’s clothing business for over a decade.

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