Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Hooray — spring has finally sprung. Not only are our days longer and lighter, but it is a clear indication that summer and all that lovely sunshine is just around the corner. But before you dash outdoors just yet, it’s a good idea to do some spring cleaning of your beauty routine — especially skin care.

For it’s not only our wardrobes that change during the warmer the months — our skins exposure to the sun does, too. For starters, we’re going to start exposing an awful lot more (so try to get back to the gym this month, or at least increase the step count and decrease the calories).

Cull the rich creams

In order to make our skin “summer ready,” a little basic preparation is needed. That’s because indoor heating and cold days may have dried out and tightened our skin. To compensate, most of us have been slathering on rich creams.

Well, it’s time to ditch those super-hydrating emollients right now and switch over to some lighter versions. That’s because too many natural oils will clog up our pores, cause blemishes and make us look a bit like we’ve dipped our faces in oil. And no one wants to see that, ladies. While you’re at it, freshen up your acne-prevention regimen to prepare for the weather changes. Before buying anything, you’ll want to do some research and ask yourself questions like, “Does Proactive really work for me?” and “What are the best options for my type of skin and its current condition?”

Sign up to a shammy

We suggest a couple of tried-and-tested skin care routine switches this spring. First, invest in a moisturizer specially developed for summer use so that it’s less oil-based (these tend to be known as “dry oil” moisturizers).

Second, to make sure your skin is super-clean and dirt-free after cleansing, use a skin shammy or cloth. This will add just seconds on to your skin routine but will make it look like you’ve devoted hours. 

Bag a body brush

Another fail-free tip is to body brush. You’ve probably let this go a bit during the winter months and understandably so — who wants to hang around for 10 minutes in a shower with the hot water off when it’s minus 10 outside and not much warmer indoors?

But there’s no excuse now that the warmer weather’s here. Besides, the benefits of body brushing are fab — we’re talking improved circulation (and therefore skin glow), far fewer clogged pores and less cellulite (yes, body brushing really can help to combat the Big C).

Mix up your makeup

Finally, in order to benefit from all that facial skin care preparation, make sure your makeup bag is spring and summer ready. That means switching from heavy foundations to tinted moisturisers, blemish balms and other lighter base products (just make sure they still have decent SPF protection).

As you’d expect, it’s also time to ditch those rich velvety winter hues such as deep red, purple and royal blue. As the months go on, you’ll probably feel like switching over to pastels anyhow, as well as perfumes with a floral rather than a heavy musk scent.

That’s our beauty take on preparing for spring/summer anyhow. What’s yours?

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