Meet Your Dream Girl


Impressing single women can be difficult everywhere. But just imagine if you had a platform where you could practice your strategies, a place where you could have time to think of the perfect response and a place where even if she completely rejects you, you would feel no embarrassment and simply move on to the next girl. If only there was a place where all the women are looking for single men, yes, every single one, where you can meet single women of all types. Oh wait, you already have that place, if you want to know where to meet women, they’re called online dating sites. But you need to realize, you won’t just get some girl just like that, you need to play it very strategically.


Firstly, clichéd pickup lines will not work. Messaging a girl saying “Hey, you’re beautiful, let’s hang out?” simply won’t work. Yes that was an exaggerated sentence, but you get my point. But what you can do is be different, be original. Don’t just tell them they’re pretty, they already know that, show them you’re not just in it to get into their pants, show them you want compassion. You can say “I won’t bother telling you you’re pretty, you’ve already heard that. But do you have the personality to back it up?” it shows you’re somebody who’s in for more than just an empty relationship, and that is something that girls find very attractive. Compassion is the way to go.


But there’s something else that’s important, do not give out a personal advertisement. The girls that take the time to message you are simply way too desperate, you’re not going to get any good ones like that, and you need to put in an effort. And don’t just message the most famous girl on the site; she probably has a hundred messages a day, look for the one that isn’t that famous, the one that hasn’t done anything to grab extra attention. Be the first to message somebody, that’s a message they’ll read. You need to make sure your message is read to ensure anything.


Once she’s read your message, and she knows you’re not in it just for an empty relationship, and then you have your main plan done, now it’s up to you to be as charming as you can, be as funny as you can. Be sure you don’t come off as desperate. Now it’s just a matter of what act you want to play. The most important question is why you’re on the online dating site in the first place. You should sound like you made this decision after much hesitation, makes you sound less desperate. An emotional story to back it up can help, whether it’s a very heart breaking divorce, because your wife cheated on you, or whether it’s been so busy with work that you’ve started suffering from depression. Think of something you can pull off easily. And you’ll have this question answered too, now you’ve established you’re not a desperate pervert looking for an empty relationship, the rest is easy. Go with the flow.


About author: Annie Burnett is a dating expert, mediator and content writer for

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