Finding the Perfect New Year’s Eve Dress

December is here and everyone knows this month is full of eating, gifts, and many parties. But what party always stands out beyond the rest: New Year’s Eve parties. To make this New Year’s Eve party better than all the ones you’ve attended before, planning should commence as soon as possible. And what will make that planning easier? Finding the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit.

Eve DressKnow Your Options and Limitations

We all want to dress like a celebrity on occasion. But not everyone has the funds. Use your favorite celebrity as a source of inspiration but keep your personal budget in mind. Budget is the key word here. If you plan your dress shopping before Christmas, you are more likely to find the dress you’ve dreamed of. Don’t count on gift card money to be enough. Plan your spending limit on gifts for your loved ones, and plan a budget for the perfect dress. Sometimes the dress that will make you the most happy and confident will be a little more expensive, so getting started early this December will help make your dress dreams come true.


It goes without saying that there will be plenty of opportunities for an over indulgence in eating. Enjoy your cookies and family dinners, but know what your goal is for that perfect dress. If you want a tight fitting dress, make sure you are willing to do the work this December. Don’t start your New Year off disappointed in yourself that your brand new dress had to hang in the closet. Make sure you find a dress that works for your body, and will continue to fit even after a couple extra cookies. If your perfect dress means skipping dessert this year at your family dinners, know that as early as possible this holiday season. Pick a dress that will give you the confidence you need to start this New Year off right, looking good and feeling amazing.

Pick the Right Party

Planning on spending a lot on a dress for a party? Borrowing an expensive dress from your sister? Make sure you know who you plan on partying with, and how crazy that party may become. You don’t want to start the year having ruined something brand new, expensive, or borrowed. If you aren’t sure of how crazy you plan to get this New Year’s Eve make sure you pick a dress that will work with your craziness. A dress that needs you to be mindful of getting wet or moist, probably won’t work out for a party with alcohol. Wearing a dress that slips down with too much movement may not be a good idea at a club or dance party. Length of the dress is often determined by the party itself. Too much length may be overly formal, but a short dress may make you lose some class. Know who you are spending the evening with and where, and that will help you judge the formality. Buy a dress that will work for your surroundings and your plans. Don’t let your amazing night be ruined by a bad dress purchase! Make your dress be a part of what makes your night amazing.

The Dress

We’ve already covered expenses, confidence, and dressing appropriately for the party you are attending. Now we need to find you the perfect dress. Check your favorite local shops as well as online stores. Do your best to find something that shows off your style but has little chance of being duplicated. The last thing any woman needs is to see is their perfect dress on the body of someone else, even if it doesn’t look as great.

After the night is through and 2014 has officially begun, you want to be able to look back at those Instagram photos with a smile on your face so be sure to pick a dress you will look good on your body type and works for the night. New Year’s Eve is a great excuse for gold, glitter, and sequins, but always be sure to keep it classy. Sip your champagne feeling like a model.

Written by George Schulman. George loves to write about fashion.

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