5 Things Every Skinny Woman Faces

From undaunted stares to gasps about your poor fragile being, skinny women are in a constant battle zone against the many obstacles they face in their day to day lives. The fact that they are skinny remains a question for many as they try to reach for size zero themselves, and for some it is nightmarish to see someone so thin they might just get lost in a crowd. The challenges faced by skinny women are unending and here are some of the common ones:


  1. The Question- “Do You Skip Meals”

Now who should explain this to every other person you come across, that being skinny is something that comes naturally to many and there’s no role of starvation in it. And what’s the reason anyway to deprive yourself of all the delicious delicacies that are out there? Skinny people do eat, but it’s their fast metabolism that doesn’t let fat be stored.

  1. The Jokes About Your Assumed Eating Disorder

Whether or not you’re anorexic, people assume it and then you’re at the mercy of their crass jokes. Some out of worry and some for fun, people would turn a person’s skinny physique into a matter of mockery and spend a lot of time bugging you with their nagging questions about how you got it and when did it begin.

  1. The Perception that Skinny Women Don’t Have Body Image Issues

Body dysmorphic disorder is commonly associated with people who have excess fat but that’s not true. Body image issues can arise with anyone at all and that could very much be a skinny person. In fact, more so since they have this imagery where in many cases they aren’t fit enough, healthy enough (as per perceptions) or curvy enough to be attractive (in many cultures). There may be genes playing their role, but striving for being skinny is certainly not a good idea (Read: Why is it a bad idea to be skinny?)

  1. Curvy is The Only Trait of Beauty

Being curvy in the right manner has always been associated with feminine beauty and many of the old schools of thought view it as the ability to conceive- which is not true.

  1. There’s No Reason To Work Out If You’re Skinny

One of the major problems a skinny woman faces and one of the major misconceptions in the minds of many people is that there’s no point to go for a workout if you’re skinny. Firstly, it is important to look in shape whether you’ve been given the body as slim as a stick or a voluptuous one. Hitting the gym is necessary whether or not you have gained extra pounds, it’s more about maintaining your overall health and following a fitness regimen that benefits you in every area.

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